Trusted Partner

Working hand-in-hand with small businesses to help them leverage technology in a smart way

Understand Your Customers

Enhance reporting so you better understand what your customers need.

Improving Efficiency

Automating processes to enable business to scale without growing headcount

Technology Advisor

Trusted technology expert to help businesses know how and when to use technology to solve problems

If you have a problem that you don’t know the answer to and think technology might be the answer, contact us for a Needs Assessment and Solution Development Workshop.

We can work through a number of different scenarios and potential solutions with you and your team.

Client Testimonials

Julie from Bravewriter
Julie Bogart

Creator & Owner, Brave Writer

Brave Writer Logo

Project to Develop Automation to Scale

Role: Technology Advisor

I found as a result of working with Code Providence my aspirations for my website were met. James provided me with consistently high-quality code in a timely way. He is a pleasure to work with—conversational, not defensive, able to explain complex code to a novice like myself, and gives great results.

Joey from Anddit
Joey McMahon

CEO & Founder of the The Monday Life, Anddit

Anddit Logo

Project to Multiple Tech

Role: Technology Coordinator

It’s evident that James is passionate about helping those in need, and about solving problems.

For example, one time we visited a children’s hospital together and heard how complex it was for nurses to get funding for their ideas. I could tell that this struck a cord with James—he wanted to help them and given his strong background in technology, he had the ability create workable, scalable solutions.

Services Provided


Live workshop, either in-person or online, with your team for needs assessment and solution development.

Custom Technology Projects

Develop custom solutions to meet your specific needs.

Technology Advisor

On-going advice and recommendations for how to leverage technology to improve your business.

About James

James Jeffers, CEO and Founder of Code Providence, has over 20 years of deep technology experience. He has worked in a variety of industries and with a variety of technology platforms. As James progressed in his career, he discovered that he had a passion for helping businesses solve problems with technology. He also learned that he had the skills needed to work with people who were in low-tech businesses to help them leverage technology in smart ways. James gets a lot of satisfaction watching his clients grow as a result of key technology improvements he has developed for them, and he truly views himself as a part of their teams, there to help them be successful.


How to We Work Together


Step One

Initial Consultation

Contact us for your free initial consultation. Here we will learn about you and your needs to see if there is a fit for us to help you.


Step Two

Needs Assessment

Needs assessment and solution definition: We will conduct a live workshop to dig into the details of the problem you are trying to solve, and come up with different solutions to solve that problem. These solutions could be used by an internal team or outsourced provider like ourselves to execute the project.


Step Three

Custom Technology Project / Maintenance

We develop a custom technology solution to solve your problem, and train your people on how to use it. Timelines vary based on the project. Many of our technology projects will require on-going maintenance for updates and ensuring that it continues to run properly. We can provide this on-going service for you.


Step Four

Technology Advisor

Some of our clients do not have an internal technology expert, and require on-going advice and support from us. We can provide this on a retainer basis, and this includes technology recommendations, roadmaps, and other advice for how the business can leverage technology to improve.